Is GDPR Still Very Confusing?

As cyber attacks increase, too many law firms fail to understand the threat or how to protect themselves, reveals a new poll.

Is GDPR Still Very Confusing?

A new poll shows around four in ten legal practices are still confused about GDPR rules, and only around one in four see cyberattacks as a leading risk to their business.

The poll comes on the back of a survey earlier this year from the National Cyber Security Programme that revealed nearly half of UK businesses experienced at least one cyber security breach or attack in 2017.

The legal sector is beginning to realise it is at significant risk of cybercrime, not least because of the sensitive client personal data, commercial confidential information and significant monies held by law firms, says Chris Mallett, Broking Manager for Aon which commissioned the latest poll.

Chris Mallett points to increasing vulnerabilities associated with the growth of flexible working with staff accessing data on-the-go via their own personal computers, smart phones or tablets.

Yet the poll of 1000 SMEs carried out through OnePoll shows more than one in seven in the legal sector allow staff to access data on their personal devices. In addition, the poll reveals around a third of those surveyed were unaware of the time limit for reporting a problem, leaving them open to hefty fines.

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