5 biggest GDPR fines so far [2020]

5 biggest GDPR fines so far [2020]

Most recent research by the DLA Piper: GDPR data breach survey January 2020, reported there had been 160,921 personal data breaches within the EEA, from May 25, 2018, up until now.

However, the total amount of issued GDPR fines so far does not really follow those numbers. Despite the 160 something thousand violations reported to the data protection authorities, GDPR fines are a little bit over €153 million, which is not a staggering number.

Source: Privacy Affairs GDPR Fines Tracker

The report continues with the most active EU member states, in the past. France, Austria, and Germany banked the title, issuing the biggest GDPR fines, but with mostly one big penalty. To be fair, Germany had two multimillion fines toping little over €24 million.

Although, if the beginning of the year is any indicator, the citizens of the EU can sleep soundly. There is an indication that other authorities will start being more proactive this year. Just like the Spanish Data Protection Authority (AEPD) and Italian Garante who both showed a lot of activities recently.

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